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Exploring More Fun with Trampoline Games

Trampoline games are sometimes easily ignored by many users because many people are using for normal relaxation and fun. But they can even double or triple your level of having fun. Trampoline is not just a place to have ordinary fun, but also a place for games.

When it comes to trampoline games, they are naturally related to big trampolines, which can hold more kinds of activities. Small trampolines for kids can do that, too, but the range is very limited, only a small part of activities can be properly performed.

trampoline games for kids

Trampoline games for kids and toddlers

Basically, toddlers are only playing with toys on a trampoline or crawl around. It is not so necessary to try any other trampoline games since it’s not very safe for them. But for elder kids, the choices can be variously ranging. Trampoline games can bring paradise for your kids.

Trampoline tricks to play with

These tricks are meant to bring you so much fun, but what’s more important than fun is safety. Actually, no matter what time you decide to use a trampoline, safety should not be put aside and dismissed. Playing should be based on the condition that safety is properly guaranteed.

Alright, next should be several proposals for trampoline games’ tricks.

Trampoline jumping games

This is the easiest and simplest activity for all trampoline users, even for beginners. Everyone knows how to jump on a trampoline. You just bounce and fall on it. However, please pay attention to the touching point of the jumping mat. Your feet should be facing it, not your ankle. If you curve your feet and fall, you are going to be easily hurt.

trampoline water sprinkler

Trampoline water sprinkler

This is one of the best experiences to go through cool summertime on a trampoline. Water is definitely going to bring so much joy, not only to kids but also to the relaxing time for your whole family. Hot summer with cool water, just imagine this picture, you can feel the pleasure at once, not to mention with a water sprinkler on a trampoline.

Trampoline moves for beginners

There are many courageous flips that can be practiced as trampoline games for advanced lessons, and if you need, we will consider posting a professional article about this. But we are only providing moves for beginners now.

Spin: this can be done with great ease. It’s very easy to do it, right? you just jump and then spin, then this process is finished. After executing this easy move, you can try to go with complicated ones: one jump with several moves. This is very cool and can make you stand out from your friends. However, this is not what for beginners.

Somersault: first of all, knees drop down with your arms up, and roll forward with your head in. If you think this is too easy to perform, try to challenge with extra difficulty, without hand touching the mat, or with landing on your own feet.

trampoline with basketball hoop

Trampoline with basketball hoop

Many big trampolines and trampolines for kids are offering the basketball hoop itself. It’s best if you can equip your trampoline with an enclosure when your kids are going to play with the basketball. It’s too good to train the hangtime or pulling off a dunk on a trampoline. Slam dunk can be exciting, but we do not suggest little kids acting this move.

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