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As a trusted manufacturer of trampolines, Roins is a technology-driven manufacturer
for trampolines and parts since foundation in 2011. Our factory covers 60,000 square meters
with more than 150 employees and annual sales reach USD22,400,000. With the proven
digital machining process and PQC, all the trampolines and accessories
are widely exported to over 45 countries around the world.
Roins Trampoline
Obviously different from other simple suppliers, all trampolines & parts
from us have passed CE and ASTM F381 certifications. Actually, authorized
certificates play an important role in our development of trampoline markets
in the United States, France, Australia and the United Kingdom.
Make this year you embrace nature with the very best in performance trampolines
and unique jumping experience available from roins.com.
ROINS STORY Making It The Life
We created this brand because we want more people to stay creative
and inspired about their lives. The imaginative lifestyle is always supported
here, and we hope to connect with more people through products.

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Small kid trampoline & Mini exercise trrampoline

Marvelous fun with best kids trampoline

  • Trampolines for kids are specially designed for children’s activities according to their characteristics.
  • Safety never has to be compromised with an enclosed system and spring cover padding.
  • Easy-to-clean and durable jumping mat, it is embracing dozens of fantastic activities with your kids.
  • No matter play or just have a rest, it surely will become a warm hub for them. Just be prepared for a happy smile on the way and even laughter bursting for cute kids.

Exhilarating thrill with mini trampoline

  • Benefits of exercise trampolines do not just show on the scientific report from NASA, but also can be obviously and truly felt from your own fitness condition.
  • More than 50% calories burning with jogging and running on trampolines than on the ground.
  • Greatly enhanced performance and efficiency with cardio on exercise trampolines. You are going to experience the pure thrill of it all with an amazing mini trampoline.

Affordable price. Premium quality. Considerate support.

trampoline raw material Superb quality for raw material Strict quality control for raw material conducted by our harsh QC department. Get Instant Quote trampoline inspection Thorough inspection process Every parts of trampplines will be carefully
inspected before shipping.
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Delivery time as fast as 15 days

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Get your best exercise trampolines

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Roins beyond expectations

Modern management. Advanced machines. Skillful workers. Our ability is far beyond the stable supply.

Diverse choices for among this trampoline collection

mini trampoline

Mini trampolines

Suitable for cardio exercise

oval trampoline

Oval trampolines

Strengthen your upper body with extra lifting handle

Octagonal trampolines

Suitable for intensified exercises

kids trampoline

Kids trampolines

Specialled prepared for kids with a good safety guarantee.

Box seats at home & no annual contract required

Box seats at home & no annual contract requiredBox seats at home & no annual contract required


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