The capability of Roins comprehensively exceeds normal supply

For us, our obligation and responsibility is not only to design and manufacture popular trampolines, but also to achieve new breakthroughs in product quality upgrading and development of new functions. Actually, the user’s every jump and game experience is the crystallization of Roins’ wisdom.

In addition, we hope to continuously improve the stability of the whole trampoline through the innovation of production technology and the introduction and application of precision processing equipment, so that every part can be perfectly integrated into the whole jumping system to bring a long and brilliant experience to everyone.

“Our corporate value to Stand for QUALITY has never been more relevant, not only inside Roins; but outside, as well. Fortunately, this allows us to maintain a stable market share under the conditions of fierce competition in the outdoor sports industry. More importantly, we always believe that technology is the only way to increase the popularity of products, and we never neglect innovation and design capabilities, which are also the fundamental factors of our ability to better serve the whole market!”

Frank, CEO.

Services from Roins

OEM & ODM Services

With advanced bending sheet metal manufacturing and processing machine, Roins ensures the reliability of all production data from co packer in relevant system.

Techinical Support, Product Drawings & Specification

In order to facilitate the development of new products, product R&D staff will assist the production order according to the new trampoline structure drawing and assembly plan provided by customers.

*The parameters and data involved in the drawings will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed. At the same time, we have no right to privately produce or sell the items.

High-Precision Design

Bolt Hole Spacing is consistent with the allowable deviation of norms. The design error of parts is less than 2mm, and the cumulative error of the whole trampoline system is less than 5mm.

Voted by the large outdoor sports retailers in the United States, Roins is where quality service and products go hand in hand. In fact, all the credit comes from our internal technological innovation.
  • Roins applied stricter-than-industry standards for raw material
  • All-digital working environment offers no chance for big tolerance
  • Effectively improve the safety factor of each trampoline by the R&D of high strength trampoline safety netting
We invite all of our clients to share the happy moments of their lives with us. They are like moving stories, and one day, they will be able to tell you about your kids’ childhood again. This is something we always want to do. 
Based on the data of different countries and markets, we have prepared targeted product solutions for all trampoline distributors around the world. These solutions will help you to better serve the end target customers. At the same time, we support the replacement of accessories for different trampoline brands.

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