Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy states information about how Roins collects and uses your information throughout your use of our website(hereinafter called “Site”).

Personal information we collect:

Most of the time, you can visit our website without providing your personal information. But sometimes, the Site may require it for certain purposes.

For example, you may want to send an inquiry to us to know more details if you are interested in our product. This is the time that we will need to collect your email, name and contact information before submitting your inquiry. By submitting your information at our website for query purposes, we will need to use it for the reply.

When you visit this Site, it automatically collects some information about you, such as your IP address, browser name and referral site. This information may be used to help us improve the content of this Site. We typically do not connect this information with your personal one.


Cookies are a kind of your general data that stores on your browser. This Site may need to use your cookies to recognize you when you visit this Site.

Cookies can be helpful in a lot of ways, they save your preferences at our website, which can be used to provide customized information and service.

However, you are the one who has the final power to accept cookies and to be notified when cookies are requested or to reject cookies. But if rejected, normal service or function may not be running smoothly in this situation.

Third-party links and tracking

There are several third-party links appearing on our website, but we have no control over these, such as Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and Linkedin. These platforms all have different privacy rules that you have to abide by. The above sites may track your browser activities across their platforms. Roins do not take responsibility or liability for any privacy practices or content of such websites.

Online advertising

There may be a third party to identify and connect you with this Site. For example, we may use Google Analytics when you browse our website. Google Analytics is a tool to help us understand better about you, so we can provide customized content and service to you. For information about how Google Analytics analyzes and processes data, please click this link to know more. We may need to utilize certain information for our remarketing campaign via Google Analytics and Google Ads with your cookies.


We do not take any responsibility under the following situations:

  1. Personal information disclosed by sharing information on third-party websites or platforms.
  2. Personal information disclosed, lost, stolen or manipulated by computer virus or hacking.

Updates to our policy

Our policy will be updated from time to time, depending on the changes in the environment and applicable legal practice. Updated versions will be posted by directly covering the previous one. Roins has the right to explain, revise and update the privacy policy.