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Exercise trampoline for adults

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Fantastic trampoline workout method

Incredible mini trampoline for fitness

  • Stronger and intensified structure with galvanized steel legs and rubber caps on, super stability is thus well promised.
  • Excessive durable PP jumping mat equipped, to provide amazing bouncing and rebounding experience. Max loading up to 330 lbs.
  • Spring-free design with easy installation of better elastic bungee, offering marvelous elasticity against gravity. Bearing up to the weight of 150 kgs. 
  • Simple installation in a few minutes with extreme convenience, and foldable into less than 1/4ft size. Store it anywhere inside your house. 
  • Fitness trampolines are going to burn more of your calories with the same workout. The outcome will be so much better with fitness on the exercise trampoline
  • Accelerated blood circulation, utilize your body core. Strengthened fitness performance and level.

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#1 choice for indoor exercise

Fitness/exercise trampolines are you first choice for indoor exercise. The extreme portability and foldability motivates you in just a few seconds.

*Portable features boosts the popularity of this kind

#1 cardio selection

This is your no.1 selection for cardio exercise, it will be perfect to put inside your room, you can easily follow the video guidance on the trampoline.

#1 trending popularity

This is your easy answer to a gym membership. It's obviously becoming a popular trend to work out indoors during this pandemic time. At the same time, you do not have to worry about weather conditions anymore when exercising.

*It’s convenient to work out now under harsh weather conditions.

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Frequently asked questions

It’s very easy to use exercise trampolines, since the shape is usually not very big. You just need to follow the attached manual. You are supposed to set up your fitness trampoline very soon, since there are not many parts in total. You can directly use after simple installation. Generally, we do not suggest you jumping or bouncing at the egde, it’s better when you do it in the center.
Of course! Fitness trampolines are going to help you a lot with the sports performance.The scientific data have shown the fitness performance will be greatly enhanced, becuase all of your core has been moblized during the exercise on the trampoline. It’s harder to make your balance, and more of your strength has to be utilized, so more calories will be burned.
First of all, we do not recommend too young children or kids to use exercise trampolines. It’s very difficult for them to reach the balance on it, and can be easily hurt because of this. But we strongly recommend to the group of adults, this is an awesome product for them to workout. You can start working out anytime you want at home.

Get your fitness trampolines and enjoy a strengthed exercise outcome

Statistics from NASA’s study have shown everything with the rebounding performance. The conclusion is rebounding is better than running. During the exercise with the trampoline, all of your body core will be utilized and motivated. You need to use more strength to balance your body on the trampoline, which is also one part that contributes to your fitness performance. Besides that, your blood circulation will be accelerated, which is of great help to your health condition. More than 50% of calories will be burned, compared with normal running.

Nasa Study Report