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Delivering Premium Trampolines, Creating Happiness.

At Roins, our purpose is to create happiness – with each other, with what people need to enjoy every day and with the stories and experiences that matter. To deliver on that commitment, we’re driving our business forward with three areas of market focus:

  • Round Trampolines: Most of our production capacity has been focused on the round trampoline type with a capacity of more than thousands of packages every day.
  • Mini Trampolines: Exercise trampolines have embraced so much welcome with the development of indoor fitness trends, we are ready to propose more kinds to cater to the changing public trends.
  • Kids Trampolines: Most of families buy trampolines for their kids, which is why we pay very much attention to this type. Safety and fun are delivering together to all the families when they receive trampolines from Roins.

Customers want great connectivity and great content, and they want it coupled with better value and service. Our goal is to give them multiple reasons to engage with us every day. We’re making that happen by investing in our key growth areas, sharpening our customer focus and transforming our operations in ways that will create more value for our customers.

For all these reasons, we believe we are strongly positioned for the future of fun and happiness.

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Communicating with Roins can be remarkably easy and unbelievably smooth, our service team stands by at any time you want to connect with us. Roins strives to provide satisfactory service to every customer across all of continents. We stand together, we grow together, we prosper together, with our customers.

The answer can be quite simple: Roins owns factory and the most advanced manufacturing and production assembly line in this industry, thousands of containers have been sent out. Self-owned excellent design team and strict QC department. Besides that, our price can be too competitive to decline.

It's quick and fast to start your business with us. Try either by submitting your enquiry in the table form on our website or sending email to us. We will connect with you in a very short time. We are sure this experience will be pleasant for both of us.

Our Strategy We're committed to providing premium trampolines,
and, beyond the business, delivering the true and deep happiness & pleasure to everyone in the world. This is our persistent pursue and exists in our core value.
Frank Chen.
Chief Executive Officer, Roins.

As a trampoline wholesaler and supplier, we’ve been focusing so much on the social trends towards trampoline on the market.

Besides the serious concentration on the trampolines themselves, accessories are a huge part of our business.

Enclosure parts have huge potential for revenue growth as more and more people are paying attention to the safety issues.

EVERY unlimited fun.
Only at Roins.
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during the peak seasons of sales, but it often can
be done within 24 hours.

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