Meet New Possiblity for
Essential Fun
Roins has taken it as our own responsibility to create a new way of having fun and joy.
This exerts a huge pressure on our shoulder, but motivates and boosts us to achieve more.
Until now, we have delivered countless happiness to the world in total, which is so inspiring.
This gives us so much power when we are moving forward to explore more possibilities of
conveying connection and pleasant time.

Why We Are Special

Business is surely very important to us, because all the staff at Roins is counting on our business. However,  we care about more and our vision is higher. We regard our mission to create and deliver fun & happiness as sacred. It’s truly fulfilling and moved to see many people having a marvelous time because of us.

It’s the solid foundation for us to progress after all the trust from our customers, and having experienced from a small business into a global corporation, we undoubtedly believe we are one part that makes the world better.

More of stories about Roins Presenting Founded in 2011, Roins has connected with
countless customers and developed great
relationships with them. We treat every
customer as our family member.
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Learn about Our History

How to Start

Beginning in the precision steel industry to transform to trampoline business. Started as a small business, but now we are growing into a real global company.

Technical Improvement

Pouring funds into the Search & Development projects to keep our edge over others. Machine replacement and refresh with a fixed time period to get the most advanced manufacturing capacity.

Brand Promotion

Promotions and big discounts from Roins emerge from time to time to celebrate events like the anniversary of our foundation or hitting the turnover sales target.