General information

All search engines and websites are using cookies. A cookie is a small piece of a text file placed on your browser when you visit our website. It helps our site to remember and recognize you.


Cookies can enable you to quickly visit our site even seconds later after your first visit and recognize your browser. Cookie-ID only consists of a series of letters and numbers, no personal information would be involved. It’s a way that how websites and search engines identify the unique indentity.


Cookies can be helpful in a lot of ways, they save your preferences at our website, which can be used to provide customized information and service. There are also third-party cookies generating on our website. We tend to use Google Analytics to improve our marketing and remarketing campaigns. Cookies collected by Google help us to understand how users are interacting with us in order to provide better content and services to our users.

Cookies managing

However, you are the one who has the final power to accept cookies and to be notified when cookies are requested or to reject cookies. You can set in your browser that which cookies to accept and which to reject or reject all of them. But if rejected, normal service or function may not be running smoothly in this situation.