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Smart Accessories & Parts Ideas

Design for long service life

The results of microhardness and corrosive resistance showed that the antioxidant of the steel we have chosen is three times higher than normal.

Replaceable & compatible capacity

Our trampoline accessories support a number of trampoline brands, both appearance and structural performance, can fully reach the application level of the original parts.

Such as Jumpwalker, Jumpsport, ACON, Ancheer, Tramp Master Inc. and Zupapa.You’ll get all in one parts solution at Roins.

Exceed excellence with reasonable price

It's never been our view that we're going to overcharge products because they're technically superior. Quite the contrary, Roins always insisted to get more people of ordinary income to enjoy better services.

# More strong , More durable

  • At Roins, the application of FEM technology has thoroughly improved the mechanical performance of every part and the whole system. It may not be the best for every part, but the stability of the parts combined with computer-aided design is the best.
  • The result showed that there was room to improve the load capacity without significantly increasing the mass of the cleat. In fact, by increasing the load capacity of the structural elements, we can increase the dynamic load capacity of the whole system so that trampolines will remain stable even when the load is not uniform

As a trampoline supplier, we always pay close attention to the global market trends of trampoline components. By 2020, our total export of accessories to Australia and the western United States has reached $5.8 million.

However, this has greatly increased our focus on the trampoline parts market. We use mechanical testing and dynamic simulation by finite element analysis technology to calculate the optimal solution of the structural strength of parts, so as to achieve perfect mechanical performance.

Also, this is something we are proud of because many vendors don’t have sophisticated force analysis techniques.

In addition, in our opinion, the design and manufacture of trampolines must be a system engineering. We need to observe the application experience of each core component in different environments through multiple product off-line tests. There is little doubt, these real data will help us continuously improve the user experience.