rectangle vs round trampoline

Instantly Know: Rectangle VS Round Trampoline

The comparison between the round trampoline and the oval one have been introduced in our last article. In this one, we are beginning to explain the different between the round trampoline and rectangle types.

round trampoline sizes

Round trampoline sizes

We have already given much information about round trampolines in our last article, so we are not going to repeat that again. But we haven’t shown sufficient content about the sizes of round trampolines, which we are illustrating here.

As said before, the round trampolines have various sizes for ranging ages from toddlers to teenagers, even adults. To fit for the use of toddlers, the size can be down to 36 inches (3 ft) for most brands. On the opposite side, the largest size is up to 16 ft.

With that being said, the most reasonable choice for toddlers is between 5ft and 6ft. Why isn’t 3ft suitable for them? cause this type is usually not equipped with the enclosure. Regarding the 5ft and 6ft, they can be equipped with enclosure, which is much safer for toddlers, but the 3ft type can be good for kids since they can jump on them without enclosure.

Rectangle trampoline for gymnastics

When it comes to rectangle trampolines, square trampolines are included in the same category sometimes due to the shape. But professionals tend to use rectangles trampolines more.

As we all know, rectangle trampolines are for gymnastics most of the time, but sometimes, you can see these in a trampoline park. Yet still, you have to be employed with certain tricks then you can experience this even just in a trampoline park.

rectangle trampoline with net

Rectangle trampoline with net

Enclosure net can be found on a rectangle trampoline for falling out. At the same time, rectangle trampolines feature the largest loading capacity and probably the highest bouncing experience among all types. After all, they are for professional use, we can not compare them with the normal recreational ones.

Which is better a round or rectangle trampoline

The answer is quite clear now, these two kinds are making for two absolutely different people and purposes. If you are confused by this question, all you have to do is clarify your real purposes and needs.

If you are aiming for having fun, then you should not pay attention to rectangle trampolines, you should shift your focus to round and oval types. These can fully meet your needs and satisfy you.

If you are professional users, then rectangle trampolines are the No.1 choice, and you do not cost any time studying other kinds.

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