round trampoline mat replacement

Round Trampoline Mat Replacement

Replacing a trampoline mat gains more and more attention. After purchasing a round trampoline, all users need to take care of the maintenance. Most trampolines provide manual guidance, and it also tells how to maintain your trampoline during use and everything.

It’s of great significance to properly treat your trampoline, otherwise, you might have to pay attention to the replacement. It could be any part of the trampoline, such as an enclosure net, safety pad, and springs. But here, we are only discussing the trampoline mat replacement.

Trampoline jumping mat material

Before entering into the topic, let’s firstly get a little knowledge of the material. The jumping mat material is generally categorized into two groups: PP material (academically named polyethylene) and nylon fibers(academically named polyamide). However, in real manufacturing, polyethylene is more widely used than nylon fiber.

Nylon fibers have many advantages, like good durability and heat resistance. But it absorbs water, which makes it a not very good choice for the jumping mat.

PP material can bear high temperatures, too, and most importantly, it’s softer. For trampoline users, softness is very important. After all, you do not want to jump on a not-so-soft trampoline, right?

PP material is one of the most regularly used materials in all kinds of production. It owns the edge of both being used as plastic material and fiber material. Besides, PP material can easily combine with other materials such as PE to become a compound material.

how to measure trampoline mat

How to measure trampoline mat

When you are caught up in the trampoline mat replacement situation, it’s vital to know the size of your trampoline. However, do not panic since measuring is really easy. You do not even have to use a tool to finish that. You purchased the trampoline, so you ought to know what size you bought. If you forgot, you can check your shopping record, you must find out the size.

Please notice that the trampoline size is not the jumping mat size. The trampoline size is gauged by the steel frame, not the jumping area. If you want to replace a jumping mat, you should not directly measure the diagram of the mat.

trampoline jumping mat replacement

Trampoline jumping mat replacement

How to replace the jumping mat? the best way to shop the mat from the same brand as your trampoline. The mat from your original brand will be 100% compatible with your trampoline, while others might not.

But here comes another problem, some brands do not sell jumping mats separately. In this case, you have no choice but to turn to other brands. When it comes to this place, things become a little bit harder than just purchasing from the same brand.

Different brands have very different spring V-rings on the jumping mat. Besides the number of V-rings on the jumping mat varies, even for the same size. The length of springs you should buy is another problem. Luckily, we have a table chart for most mainstream jumping mat sizes and the springs type. You can check and find which one is best for you.

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