best trampoline tricks

Two Easy Trampoline Tricks to Triple Fun

Trampoline tricks are something that can help us remarkably gain the fun and outcome of trampolines. You see, trampolines are classified into several categories, and all of them have different purposes. But we are streamlining them now for your easy readability.

Best trampoline tricks

To simplify the guidelines, we are going to categorize them into two different parts: for kids and for adults.

In general, trampoline tricks for kids are for playing, while those for adults are for fitness.

The below tricks are get-going type, you can practice these while you are reading this blog.

trampoline tricks for kids

Trampoline tricks for kids

Kids are the intensive users of trampolines, and they make a huge part of the current trampoline market. There are a huge number of users, so we surely need to present some fantastic tricks for this group.

Catch: this trick is played by at least two kids. If your trampoline is equipped with an enclosure net, it would be amazing for them to catch each other. Even toddlers can enjoy this fun.

Tumbling: it’s a great place to teach your kids to make somersaults due to the bouncing surface of its features, if you need to know more, please check this article.

Water sprinkler: this is easy and cheerful. Kids love to play with water, it just can bring them endless fun, somehow. The jumping mats are usually water-proof, so do not wait and just go have fun now.

Front tuck/flip: first of all, give your feet a little bounce, then bend your legs and straight your hands during the second bounce. Stand close to the edge, get your body down, and let your palm hands touch the mat firstly, and then do the rollover with your back on the jumping mat. Bounce a bit, and then give yourself a second jump up by the edge into the middle with your body leaning forward, let your hands touch the mat, and roll like last time.

gymnastics trampoline tricks

Gymnastics trampoline tricks

Exercise trampolines are another incredible part of the market, and the new users must be desperate to know how to work out with them in the beginning.

Bounce down: stand in the middle of the jumping mat. Keep your head up, start jumping with your arms swing back and forth for balance.

Jumping jacks: jump from the middle, and stretch to the horizontal edge, with your arms expanding and crossing.

Scissors: jump from the middle, stretch to the vertical edge, with your arms waving to the front and back sides. When your left leg is forwarding, then your right hand should do that, too. The opposite is the same.

Running: lift your leg up toward your chest: your thigh should be horizontal and your calf needs to be vertical, form a position like folding. At the same time, your hand on the opposite side should fold, too.

Sidekick: your feet should be a little bit wider than hips. Kick your one leg out and your arm of the same side should be extending, too, while bending your arm on the other side and make a fist.

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