oval vs round trampoline

Fast Comparison: Oval VS Round Trampoline

The round trampoline is known by many people, but oval types are less known by the public. Many people are wondering about the differences between round trampolines and oval trampolines. Well, so do we. This is very important for those people who want to make a decision between them, let’s go and check them out.

round trampoline with net

Round trampoline with net

Before introducing the oval trampoline types, we should be clear with the round trampolines. Based on the meaning of round trampolines, the shape is round. Besides that, round trampolines can be extended into two general categories: outside net type and inside net type.

Outside net type: the enclosure net is placed outside the safety net poles, which means the net poles are covered by the enclosure system.

Inside net type: the enclosure net is placed inside the safety net poles, meaning the enclosure system is covered by the net poles.

Small round trampoline

Round trampolines have various sizes available on the market right now, suitable for ranging ages from 3 years old boys to teenagers, even adults. Actually, by meaning round trampolines, we are usually referring to trampolines for kids. You may feel confused, but as a matter of fact, most families buy trampolines for their kids.

Round trampolines are the most popular type in the current market now, and why is that? probably and perhaps this is the cheapest type among all, if compared with similar sizes.

best oval trampoline

Best oval trampoline

Oval trampolines are often neglected by most people due to their shape. They are right in the combination of rectangle trampolines and round trampolines.

Oval trampolines offer two bouncing zones, as well as a higher bouncing capacity. But they usually have a higher or much higher price.

Oval trampoline with enclosure

Unlike round trampolines, oval trampolines often come in one kind – the inside net as we spoke before. The poles are fixed outside the enclosure system, and what’s the reason? it’s because of the shape.

The separate sections in the round trampoline are the same, so the bearing capacity and physical performance are the same, but that is not the case for oval counterparts.

For oval ones, the separate sections are not the same, some parts are round, while others are straight. It’s hard to keep every part the same for bearing capacity and physical performance if manufacturers want to make outside net types.


Round trampolines are a bit safer than oval ones since they only have one focusing point. Players can jump in the center and have a lower bouncing height possibility. After all, round ones are almost for recreational purposes and fit for most backyards.

Oval ones, as we mentioned, have two bouncing areas, and provide a higher jumping possibility. They are designed for those who are not professional training but have certain jumping tricks on a trampoline, but it demands a larger space.

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