how to measure a trampoline

How to Measure A Trampoline [Fast and Easily]

How to measure a trampoline? the procedures are easy and fast, and it just takes a few steps. This blog is going to present them all.

how to measure round trampoline

How to measure a round trampoline size

The dimension of a round trampoline is gauged by the diameter of the steel structure (not the jumping surface area). To find out the diameter of your round trampoline, let’s start at the external steel side of the trampoline.

First of all, select any point at the external steel circle. Measure right across to the contrary side, to the external metal edge of the trampoline.

Then determine the frame diameter again, however, the measuring line should be vertical to where you just gauged. Take the average of the 2 dimensions, and it ought to be your approximate trampoline size.

Repeat this process two times by selecting different points at the steel circle. This way can help you be more certain about the accurate size, just in case the steel frame is curved or damaged, or it’s not resting on flat ground.

Additional: It’s strongly suggested to measure under the situation that all the springs are effectively connected and the jumping mat is properly mounted.

how to measure rectangle trampoline

How do you measure a rectangle or square trampoline

The dimension of a rectangle trampoline is gauged by the dimension of each side of the metal framework. To find out the size of your rectangular trampoline, let’s start at the external metal side of the trampoline.

First of all, select any one of the two short sides, and measure straight across to the opposite side, to the external steel edge of the trampoline.

Then measure the structure size again, this time we need to select any one of the two long sides. These two dimensions of the short and long sides will comprise the measurement of your rectangular trampoline.

Only need to measure any one side among four of them with a square trampoline, since they are of the same length.

Notice: Framework ought to be gauged if all the springs are appropriately hooked as well as the jumping mat is appropriately installed.

how to measure trampoline spring

How to measure a trampoline spring

Measuring the elasticity or physical performance, is hard for normal people to do, because it involves many professional lab instruments.

Basically, we all just need to know the most shallow part about the length of the springs, if it is only to do with a trampoline now. You just need to measure the two points at the hooks at two sides, then you can know that.

For most situations, we gauge the spring for the accessories replacement and purchase. So we recommend that if you can buy the same type or length as what you are using now, it’s the best.

If not, then buy the springs with a length close to the gap between the jumping mat and steel rails.

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