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Trampolines with multiple variety

round trampolines

Standard Trampolines

Round, rectangle, and square trampolines. These are the most common and standard types on the market.

small trampolines

Small Trampolines

Small types of trampoline, not only for adults’ fitness purposes, but also for children’s happiniess.

trampoline for kids

Trampolines for Kids

Trampolines specialized for kids with different sizes. Catering to different families and different ages.

Fitness Trampolines

Designed for exercise purposes with full collections. Runing, jogging, and twists, more can be explored.


trampoline springs

Sturdy & Safe Structure

Whole safety certified by ASTM standard, bolts are all passed the ASTM standard strength test.

Our spring has been tested more than hundreds of thousands of times for bouncing and stretching performance before assembly.

Galvanized steel framework realizes better anti-rust performance.

Slightest tolerance for the steel pipes down to 0.05mm. Length cutting tolerance can be down to 0.4mm.

Threaded drilling holes are destined to connect firmly with other parts and form a steady framework.

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Wear & Tear Jumping Mat

Produced with the most advanced European manufacturing procedures.

Applied with PP material, making our jumping mat spark excellent weather-resistant
and water-proof property.

Premium quality enables its feature far more than long time’s jumping.

Edge-pressing manufacturing process combined with more than one hundred thousand
times for bouncing experience.

Bearing weight up to 180 kgs with the highest physical performance in this industry ever.

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durable jumping mat

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Frequently asked questions

# Which trampoline should I buy?

It’s up to many factors, but the purpose and space you have are of the utmost significance.

# What trampoline shape is the best?

For relaxing purpose, round trampoline could be a perfect choice.

For exercise purpose, mini and octagonal trampolines will improve your efficiency in fitness.

# How trampoline is measured

Trampoline are usually measured with the diameter of jumping mat if the shape is round. If it’s retangle, the it’s measure by the width and length.


Making it the life ideas

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Why choose trampolines from Roins? 

Close business relationship in the world with many famous companies. Trusted and supported by them, but we never take it for granted. Constant and continuous R&D to keep improving the quality and refreshing the design of our products.

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