outdoor trampoline for kids

Three Ways to Know Outdoor Trampoline for Kids

Outdoor trampoline for kids does sound exciting to you and your kids, right? You would say absolutely “YES”!That is the real case when it comes to trampolines, especially trampoline for kids. Our mind is fulfilled with those joyous moments and laughing time from our children.

It is truly a wonderful choice to extend your kids’ methods of having fun and get away from the addicted electronic devices. Even if it does not last for all days, at least it lasts for a period of moment.

trampoline for kids indoor

Trampoline for kids indoor

Opposing to the outdoor trampoline for kids, you still heard of indoor trampoline for kids. This is unlike the outside net trampoline and inside net trampoline, whose explanation has been explained clearly in our previous article. Outdoor and indoor just mean the location of the trampoline where you want to place.

With that being said, the indoor types, suitable for toddlers, are usually smaller than outdoor ones. If it’s too big, it’s not quite possible to locate in your house. That is why when we are talking about outdoor trampolines, it’s usually bigger than 8ft(take round trampoline for example).

5ft and 6ft are very welcomed as indoor trampolines to put at your home, you can just fix it near your couch. But if you live in a fancy big villa, please forget what we just said. You can place whatever trampoline inside your house.

outdoor trampoline sizes

Outdoor trampoline sizes

As mentioned above, outdoor trampoline sizes start from 8ft for most cases. For most families, small trampolines will be directly put inside their room. If it’s smaller than 6ft, it will not take up too much space and be disassembled frequently after installation.

Among the top-selling outdoor trampolines in the current market, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft and 16ft are very popular. To identify what size of the trampoline you need, you got to figure out the available space in your back yard or front yard. Besides that, the number of expected users is another important thing to consider. You need to know the max loading capacity of your target trampoline, then you can choose one.

10ft and 12ft are the bestsellers in every selling platform nowadays.

Outdoor trampoline assembly

The problems of assembly have been addressed several times by us, it’s very easy and simple to finish that. You just need to follow the normal guidance of assembly of round trampolines, this is the link to help you with the assembly details.


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