what trampoline is the best

Three Quick Tips to Buy The Best Trampoline in 2021

How to buy the best trampoline is not easy, this question is not easy for first-time trampoline users or beginners. It’s quite difficult for them to identify which is good and which is not. This blog is going to providing some advice for purchasing a trampoline. Before buying, let’s figure out the below questions firstly.

What trampoline should I buy

This is the most important question to answer before buying, cause if you have no idea, then you can not even proceed to the next step anymore. So we need to figure out our purposes about why we want to buy a trampoline, and what is it for? Generally speaking:

  • If you buy this for your kids, then you can look for round trampolines. If your kids are very little, then you can select trampolines for kids.

  • Supposing you are aiming for exercise or fitness, then exercise or fitness trampolines are a good choice for you.

  • In case you want to install it in the theme part or need it for professional purposes, rectangle trampolines are good for you.

what trampoline should I buy

What trampoline is the best

Let’s be clear in the first place, there is not a trampoline best for everyone. You can only buy a trampoline, based on your own sincere demands, best for yourself. In the current market, there are some mainstream and popular brands. After sorting out what trampoline should you buy, you can start your investigation with these brands firstly. There are a few aspects you should pay attention to:

  • Sturdy framework– it is not how you want when the trampoline is breaking down while you are jumping on it. Everyone should check the steel frame before buying a trampoline since it has everything to do with safety for you and your kids. How to ensure the frame is strong enough? you just need to check the steel pipe material and its diameter and thickness, as well as its connectors.
  • Corrosion resistance – the anti-rust capability of a trampoline, especially put outside your house, is vital. The easy corrosion will make your steel frame vulnerable to curve, or even heavy damage, which would cause serious injuries to you. Check what steel material the trampoline used, and most of them are using galvanized steel.
  • Max loading capacity – every trampoline has its max loading capacity, you need to judge how many people are gonna jump on this trampoline, and choose one with a loading capacity more than the total weight of you.

Where to buy a trampoline

Nowadays, there are quite a lot of ways to buy a trampoline. If your community or local place has a trampoline store, it’s best if you can feel, check and test it personally. But if you don’t, online shopping is very popular under the current pandemic situation. Try to buy a big brand with a good reputation and reviews.

What to look for when buying a trampoline

  • Mat size – When selecting a trampoline, you have to decide what size do you need. Consider how many people in your plan to use this trampoline and what’s the age. Then you can independently make up your mind, or ask for a professional suggestion to decide what size you are supposed to buy.
  • Safety net – safety enclosure net system is significant to family use, especially when you have kids. It can prevent children from falling off the trampoline with extra protection, so you can avoid most unexpected injuries.
  • Product warranty – this is the part you should consider, too. In the future, you may experience some problems, such as accessories missing or some small issues. Check how long time’s warranty can the seller offers, and with this, you can save a lot of time to solve problems.

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