adult exercise trampoline

How to Choose Adult Exercise Trampoline

The topic about adult exercise trampoline is hot and popular nowadays, you can just do some exercises at home. Many people knew its existence already, but the pandemic and quarantine just made them more famous. The future of the pandemic of covid-19 is still not clear until now, and the gym may be closed or shut down. Yet, many people still need to do workouts. How can you do that now? An adult exercise trampoline is your answer to workout right at home

what size trampoline for adults

What size trampoline for adults

Normal size is fine, it usually ranges from 40″ to 50″, almost every trampoline and every brand sell roughly the same trampoline. You can just pick one from them. But there are many shapes for exercise trampolines: octangle, hexagonal, oval, and round.

These shapes are slightly different: round and oval shapes are good for beginners, hexagonal is for enhanced exercise, and octangle is for intense workouts.

Identify what stage are you in now, and make your decision to choose what type you are in need of.

What is the best trampoline for adults

Of course, it is exercise trampoline best for adults. Most adults do not intend to seek fun from a trampoline unless they are with their children. They usually use it for fitness and exercise purposes.

Working out on a trampoline can benefit a lot, you can read our previous article to know the details such as health benefits, physical benefits, and mental ones.

fitness trampoline for beginners

Fitness trampoline for beginners

For beginners, you do not have to try something hard, you can start with simple ones.


Workout on an exercise trampoline brings less impact because the jumping mat absorbs most of it. It’s a warm-up process for your forwarding workouts.

Starting with stepping into the center of the jumping mat, stand your feet as wide as your shoulder. Bounce and stretch your feet out, swing your arms to be parallel with the ground.


Your entire body is mobilized in this game on the trampoline. The core of your body is fully utilized and motivated.

To begin, do the same as the jump part. Stand your feet as wide as your hip. Bend your knees to the right angle and hold your stomach. Let your upper body be firm and tight, and slowly squat with your hands on your hip, and slowly stand up.

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