Exercise trampoline for adults

  1. The exercise trampoline for adults has good flexibility. The bungee rope layout system with 30 thick ropes provides a joint‑friendly suspension, which lessens noise, offers greater stability, and also brings you an outstanding jumping experience; unique devices consisted of assembly.
  2. The fitness trampoline has a steady framework design with a wear‑resistant as well as a tear‑resistant circular rebound surface. It is composed of 30 rubber bands, a thick steel pipeline with a diameter of 2.5 cm/1in, and 6 legs sustaining the individual’s joint‑friendly suspension considering 250 kg.
  3. Thick non-slip rubber pads can shield the flooring as well as lower sound.
  4. The height of the armrest of the foam deal with is flexible, ideal for individuals of various ages as well as height demands. The entire family can use this small exercise trampoline for a selection of activities, youngsters doing yoga or jumping, as well as acrobatics bars.
  5. Adult exercise trampoline trains numerous muscular tissue teams, aids construct muscle mass, reinforces the shoulder, hip and also leg muscular tissues.
  6. This kind of indoor exercise trampoline is a good tool for weight reduction. It is an outstanding option for low‑impact trampoline trainers for residence, gym health and fitness, yoga, exercise, fat burning, and aerobic workout.
exercise trampoline for adults

Simple installation steps

Step 1: Link two semi-circular steel pipes to form a round form.
Step 2: Place the circle upside-down, the anchor screw facing down, put the jumper in the middle, hanging one item of elastic rope on the fastening, after that walk around the steel pipeline as well as hanging the various other pieces on the buckle, evenly install first 6 flexible ropes to makes certain that the jumping towel is even in the middle of the circle.
Action 3: Install the staying bungee cords in turn according to the 2nd step, and mount them equally.
Step 4: Screw the leg to the thread once more, the setup of the exercise trampoline is full. Turn it over as well as put the sustaining foot on the floor smoothly.