At Roins, inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. We strive each day to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment in our company, create relevant marketing for our diverse customers, listen before engaging in our diverse communities and work as a team alongside our diverse suppliers. We innovate with the community in mind and focus our Diversity & Inclusion practices on five pillars: our people, our communities, our customers, our content and our suppliers.

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About Us


Roins Story

Core Values of Roins

Meaning of Roins

Established in the year of 2011, Roins was born to carry the meaning for Reputation of Interest & Safety.

Commission of Roins

Committed to providing our customers with promised quality for the trampolines they are expecting.

Values of Roins

Standing in a position higher and more than business, we are aiming to deliver true happiness across the globe.

Becoming a distributor

Excited to welcome everyone to become our distributors, and enjoying the marvelous outcome altogether.

Join our affiliate program

Becoming a part of our big family by joining our affiliate program, we’d cherish your contribution very much.

Prevailing advantages

Self-owned advanced and automated factories and smooth production assembly line.

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Roins & Everyone related with us

Founded in 2011, Roins has cooperated with dozens of premium suppliers, and served thousands of precious customers all around the world.

Embracing tons of positive feedback, the secret can be seen in our way of treating every supplier and customer. Everyone related is our family, we grow together. Starting from small business, now we are a real global company.

What Roins means for you?

Quality Assurance

All trampolines and accessories have passed the CE & ASTM certification.

Global Service

Welcome quality distributors from around the world to join Roins. We‘ll help more retailers get more brilliant business opportunities.

Always Just Be Trusted Supplier

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